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The Trade Desk integrates Connected Interactive’s offline retail data

The partnership means advertisers can build audience segments based on offline spending data from 325,000 Moneris merchants.


Connected Interactive brings programmatic to the cannabis industry

With Vancouver-based cannabis software provider Buddi, Connected has built an ad platform with real-time sales and customer data.


Connected Interactive gets granular with Environics Analytics

A new partnership will see the Toronto-based programmatic company get access to behavioural and financial information, as well as premium segmentation info.


Connected Interactive gets gaming

Marketers can integrate their brands into any of the three games the ad tech company has launched.

youtube gaming

YouTube takes on Amazon

The company is launching its own gaming app to access the growing world of gaming, and eSports in particular.

Connected Interactive

Play Money Media rebrands as Connected Interactive

The media co’s name change is part of an effort to extend its mobile gaming expertise to big brands.