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Infiniti ‘discovers’ branded video

The car brand is reaching outside of its regular promotion strategy with Canada Undiscovered, a new series on Blue Ant’s Oasis and Travel+Escape channels.


The Canadian guide to SXSW

Jodi Brown of Mediacom Canada and Chris Gokiert of Critical Mass share their tips on how to thrive and survive at the ever-expanding convention.


Instagram Direct’s opportunities for brands

Matt Di Paola of Critical Mass shares his thoughts on the advertising possibilities the expansion could offer and the push to get paid spots on the service in Canada.

Matt Di

Where social TV is going in 2013: Di Paola

At DX3, Critical Mass’ Matt Di Paola said advertisers need to use social media as a tool to gather consumer insight and engage in conversations.


Matt Di Paola leaves MediaCom

The agency’s chief strategy and innovation officer is joining Critical Mass.