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How Vitaminwater has shifted its spend for 2014


The Coca-Cola brand is tapping into its creative roots for a new branded content campaign aimed at reaching millennials through connecting with online personalities.

How the Canadian Cancer Society is targeting digital natives


The org has launched one of its first fundraising media pushes with its new “Fearless Challenge,” encouraging those who live online to share their experiences for a good cause.

Are originals still hot? Media reaction to XES closing


OMD’s Sean Dixon and UM’s Matt Ramella react to Microsoft closing the unit, and what it means for the originals market overall.

Spotted! Stella Artois hosts a Father’s Day pop-up


The Labatt beer brand is teaming up with clothing retailer Gotstyle for a fashionable temporary store in Toronto.

Canada gets four Festival of Media Global shortlist mentions


Excelerator Media has the most mentions for the awards, which will be given out in Rome this April.

Could Twitter leverage internet-TV chatter?


Marketers can hone in on those who tweet about what they’re watching on TV, but what if they want to reach #OITNB fans? Matthew Ramella, VP of digital at UM, weighs in.

Kraft and Keith’s MasterChef Canada activations


The brands are the key sponsors of the Canadian edition of the show, which launches on CTV this Monday.