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New music mag Next reaches out to youth

A new monthly from Michael Hollett aiming to find readers through free home-delivery distribution.

MiO Squirtcar Schedule

MiO brings music to transit riders during NXNE

The Kraft brand is just one sponsor aiming to create a better festival experience by appealing to fans’ needs, as well as their sense of creativity.

Copied from StreamDaily - GolrizLucina

Why SoulPancake rejects the ‘bottom line driven’ image

The production company’s creative director and executive producer Golriz Lucina says brands are attracted to its uplifting, family-friendly content, so much so that they hardly have to do any outward selling.


Inserting viewers into TV shows at NXNEi

The Social TV panel session tackled the subject of monetizing second-screen experiences, as well as a prediction of Hunger Games-like interactivity.


Spotted! Ben & Jerry’s scoops up followers at NXNE

Consumers can tweet their location in Toronto this weekend to have the brand’s eco-cab meet them for a free scoop of ice cream.


NXNE takes sponsorship cues from its southwest counterpart

Moosehead, Intel and Converse are all new sponsors at this year’s festival, which will see more interactive sponsorship activations.

Face the Music

Sirius shows its face for music

The radio broadcaster launches a game-based campaign aimed at ramping up its social media presence.