Mobile Articles

You just missed the year of mobile: IAB Canada


Mobile ad revenue grew by 111% in 2014, jumping to nearly one billion dollars in Canada, according to the latest figures from the organization.

Ads that prove you’re human


Olive Media has partnered with Solve Media on Type-In, an ad that allows brands to take over captchas with custom creative.

Three things to know about working with BuzzFeed Canada


LOL, eh? BuzzFeed’s director of brand strategy on the media co’s plans for Canada, and the ad launch that got the ball rolling on the Toronto office.

Twitter increases video focus


The social media co is rolling out autoplay ads and increasing its video viewability metric to 100%.

YouTube takes on Amazon


The company is launching its own gaming app to access the growing world of gaming, and eSports in particular.

Tourisme Montreal plays to millennials


The tourism co is urging New York millennials to visit the city, with a new multi-device campaign that uses Xbox for the first time.

Play Money Media rebrands as Connected Interactive


The media co’s name change is part of an effort to extend its mobile gaming expertise to big brands.

Allrecipes enlists brand ambassadors


The website has launched a new Canadian Allstars program, which lets brands partner with the site’s most influential members.

Creators, assemble!


W View has created its first multi-creator series, aiming to build its presence over the summer months.

Rogers signs with Meredith


The media co is representing the Canadian digital advertising for brands like Better Homes and Gardens, Every Day with Rachael Ray and Family Circle.