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‘Shocked’ Bell Canada slams CRTC rejection of Astral Media deal

The phone giant said it is appealing to the federal Cabinet to possibly overturn the regulatory denial of its $3.38 billion takeover bid.


Media reaction to CRTC’s decision on BCE/Astral

Executives from across the Canadian media agency landscape weigh in on yesterday’s surprise decision.

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CRTC denies Bell Canada takeover of Astral Media

It’s back to the drawing board for Astral Media as the industry’s largest independent player is denied a bid to be taken over by the Canadian phone giant.

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BCE pitches benefits of Astral Media takeover to CRTC

The company offered the carrot of a homegrown competitor to Netflix Canada if the blockbuster transaction is approved at day one of hearings in Ottawa.


Astral Radio flips Winnipeg radio station

The hit music station is the latest to be switched over to Virgin Radio for the media co.

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Bell and Cirque du Soleil to make entertainment content in Quebec

Film, TV, digital and gaming content will be jointly created by the brands to be sold in Canadian and foreign markets.


Astral Media rebrands in London

David Bray shares market insight following the media co’s change from an EZ Rock station to Virgin Radio in London, ON.

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Bell-Astral will put $80 million into French-language programming

The telco argues that opponent Quebecor will remain the largest holder of Quebec market share despite its planned takeover of Astral Media.


Telus joins Say No To Bell Coalition to thwart Astral Media takeover

The company joins Cogeco, Eastlink and Quebecor as they launch a campaign opposing the purchase of Astral Media by Bell.


Teletoon launches a free preview

The Astral and Corus-owned channel is letting non-subscribers watch its shows for free and projects an increase of 4.5 million viewers during the period.


Molson Export vocalizes its support for sport on the radio

The beer brand is activating its sponsorship of football team Montreal Alouettes with a campaign that targets both French and English speakers in Quebec.

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Cogeco, Eastlink and Quebecor oppose Bell’s Astral takeover

The consortium opposes the takeover by Bell, and has launched a public campaign, Say No to Bell, to stop the transaction.


Astral and Corus toppers bullish on Canadian ad market

Astral’s Ian Greenberg and Corus’ John Cassaday told analysts to look beyond specialty TV declines in the third quarter to recovering sales in the fourth quarter.


Astral Media and Corus Entertainment raise Q3 earnings, despite revenue falls

Both TV and radio broadcasters faced a soft advertising market as they managed to squeeze out higher profit lines during the quarter to May 31.


Bell unveils benefits package for $3.38 billion Astral Media takeover

The phone giant proposes to spend $96 million to develop and produce indie Canadian TV programming, and divest itself of 10 radio stations, to receive regulatory approval.