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The Good Doctor takes back the top spot: Numeris

CTV programming ranked well nationally, despite a strong Global showing in most other markets.


9-1-1 dials into the top spot: Numeris

CTV programming was also strong, with The Rookie and The Masked Singer hitting most markets.


NCIS encore hits number one nationally: Numeris

SNL and NHL hockey also proved popular in many markets.


The Rookie takes top spot: Numeris

Plus, police procedurals, CTV programming and hockey prove popular across the country.

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Numeris selects tech partners for audio streaming service

Kantar Media and Triton Digital’s Webcast Metrics add the missing piece to Numeris’ audio measurement approach.


Despite drop in viewers, Oscars take the top spot: Numeris

Despite leading the national TV rankings, viewership for this year’s Academy Awards was down.

The Rookie CTV

The Rookie returns to the top: Numeris

CTV programming continued to dominated the TV rankings nationally, alongside strong NHL hockey viewership.

Photo officielle star academie

Star Academie reupped for another season

The return of the TVA reality series proves popular once again with its French-language audience.


Station 19 takes the top TV spot: Numeris

The Grey’s spin-off took the lead after more than a year, while police and medical dramas dominated most markets.


Numeris’ holistic approach to audio measurement

The company is expected to announce a new streaming partner in the coming weeks.


CTV continues to dominate national viewership: Numeris

The channel’s medical dramas and police procedurals continue to resonate.


CTV sweeps top five national TV rankings: Numeris

Police and hospital dramas, along with NHL hockey, stay popular in most markets.


Meghan and Harry dominate the ratings: Numeris

Oprah’s sit-down with the former royals was a hit for Global, while hockey and police dramas continue their strong performance.


Which radio stations have grown their share?

David Bray takes another deep dive into Numeris’ PPM numbers for the winter.

golden globes

The Golden Globes makes a mark: Numeris

NHL hockey and CTV programming continued to lead, but the award show had an impact across markets.