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MiC’s Nice List: Best of 2013


From an anti-gun PSA to zombie fingers, the editorial team at MiC and strategy showcase their favourite campaigns from the last 12 months.

Spotted! Slice takes over Union Station


The new Shaw Media specialty show, Lost and Sold brought promotions to Toronto this weekend, with a stack of auction items in the transit hub. shops with commuters

MobileOut Of Home

Taking cues from Tesco in Korea, the online store has put up virtual shopping walls in downtown Toronto targeted at moms in the city.

IMA Outdoor gets interactive at Union Station

Out Of Home

The company is launching a new advertising “Monster Wall” this month at the Toronto transit hub.

IMA Outdoor expands Union Station contract

Out Of Home

The expansion into areas surrounding the Toronto public transit hub follows a review, which included more than 10 companies.