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Spotted! CBC’s soccer experience at the Eaton Centre


The broadcaster is bringing giant video walls and soccer-themed activities to the Toronto mall so fans can watch the FIFA World Cup together.

Adidas gets interactive

DigitalOut Of Home

The footwear brand is promoting its Originals line with a video, featuring Run DMC, that uses voice command technology.

Olympic blog: Beware the brand police


A Canadian marketer living in London, Steve McEwen kicks off his Olympic coverage for MiC with local talk of the sponsorship debate ahead of the Opening Ceremony on Friday.

Notes from the Mediascape: Adidas throws punches

Out Of Home

The sports apparel co creates an in-transit solution for Chinese commuters too busy to exercise.

Greenpeace airs dirty laundry


The environmental organization initiates a stand-off between Nike and Adidas, challenging the brands to detox their products.