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Telus backs a la carte, targets Shomi at CRTC hearing

The telco said vertically integrated carriers were using programming services to show undue preference for their distribution platforms.


Shomi’s cord-cutting dilemma

Rogers and Shaw have created something that will impact their broader telecom business, and financial analysts say that might not be a bad thing.


Telus gives it away in Vancouver

The mobile phone company has partnered with Lamar Advertising to make free Wi-Fi available for transit-goers on three popular routes in the city.

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Telus to throw hat into the broadcast ring

The telco has a greenlight from the CRTC to operate a pay-per-view channel across Canada.

The battle’s on, everywhere

Media cos are locking up content rights, beefing up their catch-up services and launching online original content in a bid to conquer the digital space.


Telus has installed World Cup games at Toronto urinals

Urine-activated experiential installation promotes the company’s LTE network in Toronto restrooms during the height of soccer fever.


Canadians get charged up with Telus and Play Taxi Media

The cab-based ad company is placing phone chargers in the back of its fleet thanks to a sponsorship from the telco.

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Radio-Canada expands ICI

Premium service Extra will make 400 new titles available to Rogers and Telus customers for free, or to non-subscribers for a monthly fee.

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Koodo’s El Tabador to get sitcom treatment

The animated pitchman is part of a proposed half-hour family sitcom, pursuing his celebrity lifestyle in a mansion with an entourage.

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City Chase nabs new sponsors

Scion is now the title sponsor of the Amazing Race-style competition, and will also have its cars integrated into the event.


Spotted! Telus brings fans into the action

How Telus built a “Fan Cup” with the help of a penny press and fans, and the strategy behind taking the Grey Cup Festival to the streets.

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Astral street furniture gets digital

The OOH media co has launched 30 new digital columns in downtown Montreal, with Telus having booked all of the ad inventory for the next few weeks.


Telus connects with youth through We Day

The telco has signed on as co-title sponsor of the youth event series and is activating with a round of social media promotions and a cause marketing campaign.


Telus joins Say No To Bell Coalition to thwart Astral Media takeover

The company joins Cogeco, Eastlink and Quebecor as they launch a campaign opposing the purchase of Astral Media by Bell.


Adconion Canada launches social media platform

The Adconion Direct tool is being used by clients including Telus and Liberte.